Enrich your soil the way Nature intended!

Handful of worm castings
Nutrient-rich worm castings bring soil to life.

Your soil should be teeming with life. Worm castings and well composted organic matter make the ideal soil amendment, improving the overall texture, tilth, moisture-holding capacity and fertility of your soil.

Vermicompost contains a wide array of beneficial soil microbes that help plants resist pests and disease pathogens while improving nutrient availability and the overall physical properties of the growing environment.

Composting worm, Eisenia fetida
Eisenia fetida are composting champs.

We’ve been raising red worms (primarily Eisenia fetida and Eisenia andrea) at our Fort Collins, Colorado farm for more than a decade. We’re excited to help you get started composting with worms. You, too, will be diverting organic materials from landfills, reducing or eliminating chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and returning valuable nutrients to the soil!

The best way to nourish your plants is to nourish the soil  with our 100% organic vermicompost produced by earth worms.


Enrich your soil the way Nature intended