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No Warnings Required

ripening strawberries
Castings nourish soil without toxins. Great for pick and eat crops.

Q. What’s so special about vermicompost?
Vermicompost is a natural, non-toxic way to nourish your soil. It’s rich in humus, so it improves the soil’s overall texture and consistency. It also helps your soil retain moisture. And it’s gentle on your plants!

The most productive soils are teeming with life! Vermicompost contains millions of beneficial microorganisms that break complex nutrients down into forms that plants can readily absorb and utilize. Vermicompost restores soil vitality and is safe for you, your children, and pets.

While synthetic fertilizers may provide plants with an immediate nutrient boost, they destroy the soil’s healthy biological properties in the process. They’re poisonous to you as well. Just read the warning labels. No warnings required with vermicompost!